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Progressive Service Company Home Care Club

All customers interested in the savings and benefits of a complete or partial yearly agreement can now join Progressive Service Company’s Home Care Club. Please contact us directly to learn more about this special offering!

Benefits of Progressive Service Company’s Home Care Club:

  • 4 annual service calls:
    • Air conditioning tune-up
    • Heating system tune-up
    • Electrical home inspection
    • Plumbing inspection
  • 10% off of repair services (up to $500)
  • Priority service
  • 1 year parts & labor warranty on repairs
  • Maintenance of manufacturer warranties

** Pricing Varies  – See Below

HVAC 23-Point Checklist

An HVAC service agreement with Progressive comes complete with the following exceptional services from a certified professional:

  1. Thermostat functionality testing
  2. Air filter inspection
  3. Visually inspect ductwork
  4. Check refrigerant pressures
  5. Check for proper subcooling/superheat
  6. Clear drain line & verify proper drainage
  7. Clean condenser coil
  8. Verify proper operation of float system switches
  9. Check temperature rise/drop
  10. Install algae tablets in drain pan
  11. Check & adjust gas pressure
  12. Clean burners
  13. Clean flame sensor
  14. Clean ignition assembly
  15. Inspect flue pipe
  16. Check safety controls
  17. Check heat exchanger (when readily accessible)
  18. Check crankcase heater
  19. Check defrost controls
  20. Inspect evaporator coil (when readily accessible)
  21. Test capacitors
  22. Check electrical components
  23. Inspect blower assembly

Electrical 18-Point Checklist:

An electrical service agreement with Progressive comes complete with the following exceptional services from a certified professional:

  1. Check service panel or meter
  2. Check termination on all wires in panel
  3. Check buss bar for damage, discoloration, or burn marks
  4. Check ground in panel
  5. Check for loose wires in panel
  6. Check breaks sizing on wires
  7. Check all accessible outlets with plug tester (limit 30 outlets)
  8. Check GFCI outlets or breakers in all code required places
  9. Check CFI outlets or breakers in all coe required places
  10. Check all switches (limit 30 switches)
  11. Check all smoke detectors
  12. Check for broken or damaged outside outlets
  13. Check for broken outside fixtures
  14. Check for broken light fixtures inside the home
  15. Check attic and/or crawlspaces for damaged or open electrical boxes
  16. Check for ground rods at service
  17. Check for bending on gas line and cold water line
  18. Answer any questions or concerns the customer may have

Plumbing 9-Point Checklist:

A plumbing service agreement with Progressive comes complete with the following exceptional services from a certified professional:

  1. Inspect water heater for normal operation
  2. Check connections & piping on water heater
  3. Check valves on water heater
  4. Identify main water supply shut off
  5. Identify gas supply shut off valve
  6. Identify hose bib supply shut off valve
  7. Complete a free on-site domestic water test
  8. Inspect all plumbing fixtures
  9. Test water pressure for home

Free water analysis included


  • 1 system- $169.00 or $14.99/mo plus tax
  • 2 systems- $240.00 or $20.99/mo plus tax
  • 3 systems- $300.00 or $25.99/mo plus tax
  • 4 systems- $360.00 or $30.99/mo plus tax
  • Plumbing Maintenance ONLY- $89.00 plus tax (1 year)
  • Electrical Inspection ONLY- $89.00 plus tax (1 year)
  • 10% off heating & cooling repairs
  • 10% discount on all services up to $500

With any HVAC service agreement, you will receive 1 year FREE Plumbing & Electrical Maintenance service agreement.

Our Customers Love Us!

From my first call to Progressive’s office, my conversation with the electrical manager, through the end of the job when all was done, Progressive did a great job for me. They were very professional, friendly, and flexible. The work was to relocate receptacles and switches from a wall that was being removed from our house, and also to add receptacles to another room. They sent two men who had to spend several hours both under and in our house. I recommend them highly and will use them again.

- Bern Gartts (Nov 2015) - Review From Google

Brian performed maintenance check on the HVAC (I hope I used the correct term). His visit was just a few days we experienced unusually cold weather in mid-October. He was very helpful by providing answers to my questions. He also explained things that I was not aware of. I did not like the programmable thermostat and he replaced it with a simple thermostat which I understood much better than the programmable. I now feel much more comfortable after he inspected the system.

Jean Allen (January 2016) - Review From Google

I had Progressive install a new tankless water heater. The technicians name was Larry and his helpers name was martin. They were both very polite and their work looks very neat. We are very happy with our new tankless heater.

Tyler Smith (February 2016) - Review From Google

We have had our HVAC replaced by this company and have a current service contract and loved them.Darryl who worked with us was great. The greatest part of the company though is how attentive, helpful, and responsible Kat was! She was constantly available and providing any assistance we needed.

Gina-Maria Pomanna (November 2015) - Review From Google

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